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So after creeping the forum for awhile, I've finally become a member.
I own an own boutique that primarily sells ladies clothing and after the graphic tees seem to be the top sellers, I've decided to try to create my own brand to sell as well.
I've created shirts with vinyl for hobbies for awhile but for business use, I'm getting in to screen printing or plastisol transfers. Screenprinters around me are expensive, which is ok for the shirts I sell but I'm looking into doing wholesale and it's not worth it at this point.
Sooo, that leads me to trying to decide if I want to start making them myself with the transfers or jumping into learning to screenprint myself. I've only made a few with transfers and I've not been extremely happy with condition after wash but am trying to adjust temps a little before I go a different direction!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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