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Hey ya'll!

I'm a newbie here to the forum. I have been reading post here for quite some time. I am indeed a Southern Belle:p! I am a former High School Biology & Human Anatomy teacher. All that expensive, "formal" education yet fashion and creating is what I love. I'm by no means an artist in fact I can't draw a stick man-actually it's quite sad. I started creating on my computer while teaching. I created several tees for my cheer squad, organizations and dances. I've taught myself how to use PS(actually loving Gimp right now), CD and various flash softwares. I just finshed designing and implementing all my graphics for my website which I won't mention here. I think that's a no-no. It's not directly related to tee shirts so I will withhold that info. I don't want to break any rules. (Not on the first day at least!! jk)

I have been in the fashion industry for a little over 5 years. I've been involved in several aspects including retail and wholesale of apparel and accessories. I have known that I want to create so here I am! I've researched the various aspects of the decorative garment industry. I'm still trying to figure out exactly where I would like to start-screen, DTG, rhinestone-I'm not certain yet but know I will gain lots of useful information here to help me find the best "fit" for me. I love the fashion industry and enjoy doing it for fun but let's be forreal...I need and desire to make money!

Like I said before I am from the South so I tend to be blunt and brutally honest and expect and respect the same in return. I look forward to making contacts and possible friendships here on the forum.

Thanks ya'll for reading my little intro! I LOVE to hear how people got started and where they are now. Give me a holler if you would like!

Late gator,
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