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Hello everyone.
I have been away from the 'rag trade' for a decade after devoting my entire working life to it.
I moved to Israel 2 years ago from the UK and feel I am being forced to do something positive to end the cycle of dreadfully poor quality t-shirts with (guaranteed to wash off first time) plastisol transfers.
I guess I have joined the group to see whats new.
I have taken a quick look at the threads and see some problems from the 1990's have re-emerged such as curing without tunnels.
Anyway, I have worked for the biggest in the UK (Great British T-shirt Co) fulfilling contracts for Nike, Reebok, Levi, U2 to name but a few and then became a technical consultant in the stencil and ink areas for various companies across the UK.
Everything in Israel is grossly over-priced and I feel I maybe forced to build a press while I search for some quality textiles, maybe from the far east.
Because a simple conveyor system is easy to build I may even look at trying a bank of several flash units (IR) over a slow conveyor as the import duties here make it all but impossible to purchase an IR tunnel.
Any help with t-shirt suppliers would be appreciated.
I am not kidding when I say the quality of shirts available here is laughable.
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