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hey im new

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im a university drop out who studied illustration, love graphic art and digital painting, university just seemed like
a massive waste of time and money. Ive always wanted my own clothing line,
preferably t shirts. At the moment ive created 6 designs, i had a go at screen printing, but i think a heat press
is the way to go for me. Low budget but high motivation.
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I wouldn't consider a heat press a high quality print. Although it is economical and easy to start up. A good quality screen print just looks better and is by far more durable. A transfer has no texture and looks to flat and smooth for my taste. If you going to do transfers use the "HOT SPLIT" type, and use foils, this will give you a smooth satin finish and look like a sublimation type print, the foils will add diamention. Transfers are great for difficult areas and "spot" pressing where screen printing cannot easily reach. My suspicion is you will be screen printing and utilizing both after you realize why your designs do not look high end.
I was thinking of using JPSS transfer paper, ive also read that peeling it cold gives a better result, i love screen printing but i dont have the space to do it at home, i also find it very complicated, especially trying to burn the screens, my designs are also really intricate with multiple colours and shading, which is why in the end i decided on using a heat press. You can never get enough advice though, i really appreciate the help with this.
Consider talking to the screen printers in your area about what you have to offer. You don't have to do everything yourself. Think about working for a screen printing company doing their artwork and in general working in the shop. This will give you an opportunity to see how a shop runs, what's involved and whether you like it or not. It will put you in a much stronger position for launching out on your own.
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