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Hey everyone. I'm George. I've been in the printing business since i was a child. Its great to have a web site that can educate ppl who are starting out and to meet new ppl!

I like printing, machining, cars, and sports. My family has been in the printing buiz for 22 years. We do all sorts of stuff that are pretty cool. As a child i didn't do much at work, it was usually the week-end sort of stuff with mom and pop, but as i got older, istarted to work on the machines. My favorite is the fabric printing machine. You can do such nice things with it if you master registration and repeat techniques. We also do garment/fabric dyeing, garment/fabric printing, and the best is that we have a small machine shop. Thats where my other Hobie comes in.

I love cars, and everything about them, especially the engine. I'm currently rebuilding a 1992 mustang. I'm building a stroker with the aid of the machines we have. Its pretty cool, especially when you get to machining. It in some way similar to printing. For example, registering a 10 color job with half tones, and having the right flash setting to print 1000pcs in 3 hours. In machining you need to measure twice and cut once. Everything has to be squad up and parallel.

In my opinion, theirs nothing more self satisfying than making you r own cloths or building your own engine.

Anyways, thats my introduction. So feel free to drop me a line with questions or what not, or similar interests. Maybe we can help each other out!

Peace! :cool:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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