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Not many hits (replies) from initial post. Hopefully this will help. Sorry for the new questions. I have a Lynx 24 for heat transfer vinyl. (No worries there). I also have an Epson Stylus Photo R220 and (please don't wince) an Epson Stylus Photo 1280. Which should I use to make color transfers (and how and what do I need to produce them) Should I bother with sublimation? It would not be just for t-shirts but for other sublimation items. I've been reading posts... What is transfer paper? Is it for different ink other than sublimation ink? Is Magic Ink sublimation ink or is it something totally different? Again, looking to diversefy with the two printers, got the heat transfer vinyl covered, and have a 4 color 1 station manual press to start printing in late fall. Thanks to all in advance for looking, helping!!!! D

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Hi there, and welcome back :)

You may get better response from your questions if broke them up into separate posts (for each question). Having them all put together like that can make them seem a bit overwhelming :)

You may also want to post in the Heat Press section of the forum with a TITLE to your post that explains exactly what you're looking for.

Transfer paper is used to print Heat Transfers. The design is printed onto the paper and the paper is pressed to the garment using a heat press.

Dye sublimation is something different that heat press.

Magic Mix ink is for heat transfers.

Sublimation can only be done on garments with some polyester content, so it sort of limits your ability to print on dark garments and 100% cotton tees.

Hope this helps :)
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