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Hey guys!

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I'm new here and to the business of clothing, and I was wondering if I could get some more insight. I spent a vast amount of time reading and researching and I got a pretty good understand of what I should and shouldn't be doing.

First off, I in no way have the ability to sketch or produce quality designs on a PC software. But I have already found what you guys call, a freelance artist. So for this part I should be alright.

Now as I will be taking care of all the business aspects, I would like some more information in this area (not sure if I should ask in this part of the forum though).

Anyways, I'm assuming Direct-to-Garment means having the ink printed straight onto the t-shirt. If it is so, how much (on average) would this cost per t-shirt?

Hopefully someone could answer, then I'll ask more questions!
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