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Hey Guys!

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Hey Guys, just wanted to say hi. this is my first post here. I live in southern Indiana, right across the river from downtown Louisville, KY. So, even though Louisville is very close, I'm still a true Hoosier..lol I have been reading a lot of the post and everyone seems really great and has a lot of knowledge about screen printing. I have 15 years experience in printing running a 4 color press printing labels but I have no experience with screen printing. In fact, I exposed my first screen tonight and it didnt go so well so I'm going to go to the other part of the forum and ask for help..lol. Even though is didnt go well, I'm still excited about it. I know it will take a while to get it figured out and I'm OK with that. Hopefully, in a few months I'll be able to help some one figure out something and be able to repay all the help that I have gotten from this forum.
Have a great night!
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Welcome to the forums. I am sure you will be a great asset to the community
This is a great place with lots of great people, hope to see you around. I am in Ohio
Welcome to the forum Mark
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