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Hey Guys - just launched my site - any feedback?

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After a couple of months and weeks of working on the clothing line, I finally found everything I was looking for, here's my site incase anyone is interesting in purchasing or taking a tour of the site www.RARE-NEWYORK.com
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Logo on top takes too much space so only 1/4 of you site is showing upon entry.

For me I don't like the black design as it takes away from the designs which are geared around the color black. They don't pop if that makes any sense.

Need some information on the brand. I have no idea what RARE is or why I would want one.

I like the name and I think if you worked on the story and what makes you guys RARE you could do well.
I agree with Michael as far as the black back ground. I love the color black, but when it comes to business of designing a room, it makes things look smaller and also kinda depressing! Maybe that's just a womans outlook, but you did ask for an opinion :eek:. You can't appreciate your logo ideal at the top (which is really nice) because it blends in to much with the background. Hope this helps...
the theme you are going for is hard on the eyes for some people but i like the style since i love all black.
Thanks to everyone for your honest opinion, I'll work on the site and brand everyday until it is near perfect.
Nice products! I agree with the others. You need to elaborate on Rare. I am in the same boat on building my brand. Its some hard work homey!
I like showroom style with the side pose of the product ! But site looks completely empty! Site is nothing without content ! Keep making content !
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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