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I'm new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Spencer Chernoff. I started an embroidery company, Stitch Craft Embroidery, in 2014. Intitially started with a toyota esp 9100 that was passed down to me. Eventually outgrew it and moved up to a brand new single head Barudan. As I started to grow, more and more customers asked me if I did screen printing as well. I got tired of saying no and got a 6-2 manual press from Ryonet. Anyways, I'm looking to continue to grow and expand as I'm just about at my limits for the equipment I have.

Came here mostly for troubleshooting common problems I've had over the last year or so and realized how much more this forum had to offer. So I finally created an account and here I am :)

Looking forward to becoming an active member of this community!
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