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hey guys - i have been on the forum now and again and have found it really useful - so give yourselves a huge pat on the back as somewhere like this is invaluable to many folks starting out...

so have been doing T designs along with my freelance graphic design work for a few years now, and am trying to concentrate more on selling new limited edition designs( very original eh?) but would also like to make my site a showcase for local talent who finds it hard to generate any publicity and interest in their work. hopefully in this process i can generate interest in my own work and help a few guys along the way and build a creative collective group?

well that is the plan..........

check out my site White Nessie Design - Edinburgh - Scotland - UK
have a few T's up just now but still need to add a lot to it and also its a bit of a trial and error stage - so will most deffo be asking questions along the way.

keep up the great work

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