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Hey everyone. I'm a new member.

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This is my first post ever, so bear with me. I'm excited to be apart of the your community. I've decided to take the leap and start a small t-shirt business. Done alot of research, but it's all running together. Not sure on what type of heat press to purchase. Would like to take it to fairs, festivals,etc....any advice on 15x15 or 16x20? Any other start-up info would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks again.

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Hi there tc4, welcome to the forum. It's yours too you know. I'm not sure if you're male, female, big, or small. If you're a man you probably won't have any problems dragging a heat press around. If you're a woman I suggest you find a big man who doesn't mind lugging a 45-75 pound press around. Some of the nicer presses weigh over 100 pounds so that is something to think about when purchasing a press.

My biggest press is a 15x15. I'd love to get my hands on the 16x20 Hotronix Fusion but I don't have the funds for it or the physical strength needed to lift it out of the shipping carton. The cheapo Chinese presses that are on eBay dirt cheap are fairly light. I think mine is around 55 pounds or so. Just make sure that whatever type of press you buy, make sure it has a digital temperature setting and a digital timer. A teflon coating on it is also a good thing to have.
kumusta sa lahat. hi everyone.. newbie here. i'm very glad that i found such site, this may very help me specially the forums, advise, etc. there so much to learn here.
Thanks Loretta. I will take your advice. Thanks for getting back to me and love the scripture!!
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