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Hey everyone I’m Rema…

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Hey all just to say this is a great forum so glad I stumbled across it like two days ago,

Well I’m a Graphic designs student from London, jus finished my first year of my degree, did a bit of screen printing over the year, and really enjoyed it and planned to set up a little studio (well printing area) to tryout and hopefully sell some of my printed clothes, managed to get some free screens for textile print and planned to build a some sort of bench, printing table, but have been finding it hard to get parts in the UK the plan is to get screens coated and exposed by a local company and print from home, that’s the story so far.

Any ideas, suggestions and hello’s are welcome…
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Welcome to the forum hope you get all the info yo need.
Hey Rema, Welcome aboard!
Hey Rema, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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