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Hey all

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Hey all! I'm just saying hello. This isn't my first post because I posted in that questions forum. My question was answered and I thank you guys for the help. Actually, in the process of answering the question, you guys told me about Cafepress, so I made a shop on their website. It's mostly funny t-shirts and then there's some baby stuff, too.

Here's a link to it:


Thanks for all the help.
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Good call with Cafepress, funny shirts. I have my own shop in cafepress. I recommend you to start working with some HTML features, it will give you a personal touch.

I know thats is just the beggining of your project, but you should categorize your jokes, and add more content to your site.

But thats great... keep working.

btw, what are sections?
Welcome to the T-Shirt Forums. Best of luck with your cafepress shop!

Sections let you divide your shop into categories. So you can put baby t-shirts in one "section" and funny t-shirts in one "section". Then the links to the sections will show up in your lefthand sidebar navigation in your cafepress store.
thank-you for the info.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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