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Hey guys,

I have a feeling ima be a regular around here in no time. I'm moving into a new apartment with a new job in 3 weeks and my grand idea is to turn my useless bedroom into a t shirt business 'warehouse' using ebay.

Of course, I've been reading posts on here for a while now and am still juggling the implications of getting a heat press and doing it myself (but doesn't that limit the size and location of graphic?), getting shirts screen printed (which would leave me with overstock), local distributors, do I need a vendor's license/llc, stick with ebay or form a website, stick with one 'theme' or emerge with multiple, competition, does government offer $ for start up businesses, should I start with ebay and perhaps eventually move to a solo website, pricing, copyright stuff, etc.

So yea, my head is in constant churning mode and this forum is awesome and I already appreciate all the help yall have given in posts.

Nice to meet yall, wish me luck, here we go,
-some nerd
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