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Hey! A little bit about me...

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Hey all,

I'm new to these forums and generally the whole T-shirt industry with zero experience under my belt but a load of ideas and motivation! I'm currently 17 years old and have been wanting to set up my own t-shirt business now for a while.

I've only read a few topics on here so far but already have increased my knowledge about this business by a vast amount. if I could, I would personally thank every single one of you for all of your helpful posts so far!

Currently I'm at a loss knowledge-wise as I still need to find a suitable (not cheap) A3 sized Printer and Heat Press to purchase. I should probably do a bit of research on other methods like screen printing as well. I'm sure I will be able to find all the information I need, and more, on here though :)

The style of T-shirts/garments that I am interested in making are comic, 'cool', abstract targeted at the 15-25 age group.

If anyone is in a similar situation to me (or not) and would like to chat and bounce ideas around I would welcome that opportunity, just send me a PM.

Kind Regards,
Gideon :)
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Hi Gideon, welcome to the forum. If you can find one try to get an epson workforce 1100. They have been discontinued so are getting harder and harder to find. Once you get the printer go to cobra ink and get some refillable ink carts and some bulk pigment ink. Then get you some transfer paper like JPSS (Jet pro soft stretch) and a heat press. You don't need to get a top of the line press right off the bat.
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