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hex dump code on starup!!! locked

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my blazer epress logk on hex dump message at starup
nothing to do??:mad:

please help me

[email protected]
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somebody can help me??? or i have make a mistake buying this dtg?
See if you can get a hold of carl steele. Steeltec. He is on the forums or can be found at American Screen supply in phoenix.
Thank you we are alone here in France for thé dtg
Long life to thés forum
"Hex dump" will be initiated if the 'pause button is pressed when the machine starts.
It may be stuck or held down somehow?
Check that first.
Thank you
I try that and it appen to work for the moment
I try another print in 10hours
Hi! I have same problem.
Blazer Epress - hex dump message at starup and all buttons locked! Please Help me!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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