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Here is my print on a shirt

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For some reason I couldn't post this one on my last topic this one is my shirt and my other topic has what it should look like thanks for the help u Guys


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Looks like you don't have the gradients in your final print. Posting a pic of the transparencies would help determine if it is spotcolor. Another thing is could be that the halftones could be blowing out at washout.

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Are the transparencies sharp edged? Otherwise, looks like you might have overexposed the emulsion, or insufficient washout. The thin areas are plugging up. Also, what mesh count?
Also, opaque white is very difficult to push through fine detail. I usually have to thin it out a bit to get the details to print a little easier. I also find that fine detail gets clogged up very quickly when using water-based, even in the time it takes to load another shirt on. I'll have to press a little harder to clear the ink out of the screen, or make 2 passes. I also keep a spray bottle filled with water handy and spritz the flooded stencil liberally before I load the next shirt. (You did say you were using Water-based inks, right? If not, then DON'T add water!)

This is all assuming that the stencil looks OK. If there's no detail on the stencil, then look into emulsion age, exposure time, and washout. You'd mentioned that you double up your film positives, I used to do that too, but I had a lot of trouble with fine details using this method. It was hard to get everything to overlap exactly right, plus you'll get more light scatter, especially if you're not using a point source.

Hope this helps.
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like everyone else said. check your films, then check your stencil. if your problem isnt with those, make sure you arent using too much pressure with the squeegee. you only need enough to push the screen onto the fabric and push the ink onto the fibers.
.....hhhmmm Is the screen sticking to shirt. To heavy of a print can add some ink to the shirt side of the screen.
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