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Here are spreadshirt T-shirt Samples

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Hey guys, just got some of my new tees printed from spreadshirt.net and I gotta say, Im in love with the standard, its flawless and looks great. See for yourselves:

So what do you think? I've been continually impressed with spreadshirts standards and customer care.

The pics look a bit darker than in real life, I did my best (rubbish camera, plus I'm crap at taking photos)

What has everyone elses experiances with spreadshirt been?


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Okay personally not feeling the first two but as you stated the quality of the print looks good.

Hhhmm, about 60 people HAVEN'T told me their thoughts!

Those evil people, keeping all there tasty tasty thoughts to themselves, how dare they!

Or perhaps the silence speaks louder than words.

What is the silence saying?
The color shift is really noticeable in the second picture "wogan" or whatever its called.

I do like the first design though, its cute.
What method(s) of printing was done? .net is overseas, right?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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