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HELPP! whats the best program to use to make a sample picture or how the shirt would look???

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and how do i do it :/
im sure i can do it with photoshop somehow but im not very savy with the program.
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In Photoshop, open a picture with your shirt you want to display, then open the graphic image you want to use. Adjust the image size of the graphic and drag and drop over the shirt image creating a new layer. I could help you further if this is what you were driving at and still need help.
It's amazing what can sell these days. It looks to me that all they did was take some pictures of wrinkled shirts and compiled them into a package with photoshop instructions on how to apply your image onto it.
Yeah that's kind of what I thought but it is cool how they published the directions. Especially for people like me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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