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Help ;/

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Just got my etsy account closed due to infringement on "HARVARD LAW JUST KIDDING" design, could this possibly be copyrighted do I have any sort of argument for this?
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You were definitely infringing on Harvard University's intellectual property. They definitely own a trademark on their school name and you definitely don't have much of an argument to profit off them without a license.

At best, you can claim your design is a parody. But Etsy won't (and shouldn't) reinstate your account unless you take it all the way to court and win. And that will be mighty expensive. And risky, since you don't know if you will actually win.
Having an etsy or ebay shop closed for copyright is a major issue. For many people these are their sole outlets and it's just not worth taking the risk. Guess you've learned the hard way and will just have to take it on the chin I'm afraid.
Was this your first Etsy copyright infringement or have you had others in the past?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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