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Me and my friend are freshly graduated Graphic designers from Bahrain, we are going to start a new t-shirt business in Bahrain and since the printing is expensive and not a good quality we decided to buy a printer and print on the t-shirt our selves, but we have no idea about printing but while researching I have seen the press machines but I have some questions:

What is the best press machine ?

What is the name of the papers ?

Can we print on the papers in a regular printer? I have (Brother Dcp-6690cw)

Do we need a special ink for that ?

After pressing does it leave a white coating around the design ??

Can we print on any color t-shirt or it have to be white ??

please answer my questions as soon as possible


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Well the best heat press would be a hoptortix,

As for white and ash gray shirts jet pro sofstretch is the best paper

And yes your printer is a brother it is ink jet however an epson 1400 might work better for you... pigment ink lasts longer but isn't necessary.

And you could do any color if you were to contour cut with a vinyl cutter or have custom plastiol transfers made
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