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HELP! ZSK Jafa 500 Magnetic needle sensors are not lining up and Im so new to this

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Ok.... so I am completely new to embroidery and embroidery machines. My boss purchased a ZSK Jafa-0112-500 and I have had nothing but problem after problem with it. So it all started in trace mode, I was tracing out a 3" Flower inside of a 16" hoop. I know giant hoop, but I already had my backing fitted for that size. Anyway my machine just flipped out and made a Bee line straight through the hoop. I had my presser foot down so it took that out and broke the klinker groove plastic piece. The design was only 3" and it was in the middle of the hoop, so why it went all the way through I have no idea. I started taking the machine apart to fix what i thought was just the presser foot. Needless to say I called customer support and we figured out that the klinker groove had broken too. While trying to get to that part I removed the metal plate that sets on top of the needle bar frame. Apparently it has 4 magnetic sensors that have to match up with the electronic board just right. Well for some reason I can't get it to match up to save my life. Does anyone have and tips or tricks or maybe a picture of how it should look ?? I honestly have no idea what I am doing, but I am learning, and I have no problem trying to figure out who, what, where, and why. I am just terrified were going to have to call in the company who sold us the machine. They are 5 hours away, so my boss is going to be livid if she has to pay that repair bill.

(I still don't understand what the warranty is for if they won't come fix it for free, there was no way that design would have traced out an aditional 9". I was right there and it happened so fast I couldn't even get it stopped in time)

Like I said I am completely new to this, so please forgive me for all the wrong terms :) Thanks ! Any help is greatly appreciated !!
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