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First off i just want to say thanks for anyone who replies with some advice.

In the area i live in, there is nothing within a 50 mile radius that does custom print tshirts, mugs, hats, etc. I am interested in getting a small cart in our local mall, and doing designs, words, pictures etc onto tshirts and other materials.

What would be the best way for me to start, as in what should i purchase. I do want to print photos people bring in on tshirts. I also want to print those funny slogans and that on dark and light shirts. I also want to print mugs, plates, mousepads, puzzles and anything else that can be done with heat transfer.

So where do i start buying. Like which printer would i buy to print the logos. What kind of ink would i use. Like pigment or dye sub. Would i need 2 different printers like one for dye sub and one for pigments. Whats the best kind of paper to heat transfer to dark and light colors that last and wash well. Also what kind of shirts are best to use. 100% cotton or a 50/50 split.

Thanks so much for all the help in advance, id love to get everything up and going by Thanksgiving since we do not have anything in our area that does this and the holiday coming up i know this stuff would sell nice.

Thanks so much.
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