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Help with Something I Dont Understand

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Was looking to buy a plotter simply to cut vinyl but noticed in this graphic, it says "print your design....". I understand its saying to print your design and the plotter can cut around it using registration marks but here is my question

What printer and paper are they using? I always assumed you needed a DTG printer or something like that. Again, I was just going to cut plain white,black,red, etc. vinyl. I never knew you could use a regular printer to apply to a t-shirt. Didnt think that would last or even look good.


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JPSS for light shirts (best with white shirts) is for inkjet printers (with pigment inks). One doesn't really need to cut around this one, as the polymer window doesn't show up on white shirts, but would be noticeable on gray. Then there are inkjet papers for dark shirts; with these any area not printed with ink is going to be white, so you need to cut that part off. But the white layer adds thickness and stiffness to the paper, so these transfers have a heavier hand and are less durable than something like JPSS.

There are also laser transfers that would need cutting, but there are also self-weeding versions of such paper that don't need cutting.

See the transfer sub section on here for a lot more info :)
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Inkjet printers are most used for t shirt printing. Using desktop inkjet are vinyl compatible and are also available with letter size sheets. Screen printing is one of the method for t shirt printing. when compared to vinyl screen printing can print 25 t shirts at a time but also need specific screens while vinyl methods can print 16 t shirts at a time.
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