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Help with QUALITY fabric/printing/packaging/labelling

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Hi everyone,
So first a little introduction and what it is I'm trying to achieve.
I want to bring my brand Kitch'N Clothing to life.
It's a brand focusing on chefs/hospitality.
Kitch'N will have a few different directions for example...
Kitch'N Casual will offer tee/hoodie/SnapBack etc with print designs.
Kitch'N Professional will offer professional work wear, branded jackets, aprons etc etc.
If successful other options include kitch'N chick, kitch'N knives ,
Kitch'N Appliances,, haha you see where I'm going, I know it's really far fetched and dreamy but hey,
The point is, if I'm going to start with Tees and workwear, I want them to be tip top, I want to offer the best quality I can in both fabric and print.
Obviously as a chef my knowledge of this isn't great so all help and advice is greatly appreciated. So...

Here's what I have,
A FB group page of chefs sitting at around 50k members to sell to.
10 amazing Designs for tees and hoodies to start with.

Here's what I need, and what I think I know.

I need a Print that will support these designs, as the designs are mainly Splatter artworks with about 12 colours Im guessing I need to use DTG.

The Tees,, now this is a tough one, I've seen all the Gildan, fruit of the loom etc and they're not good enough for what I want, so I'm now looking at tees like AA, Rapanui, alternative apparel etc,, Although I haven't seen them yet from reviews I'm guessing I could find what I'm looking for but would they be suitable for the prints.

I have seen all the "design a tee shirt" websites like spreadshirt, etc which offer good quality garments and prints and drop ship which I love however they can't offer extras like a Kitch'n label in the back and on the front bottom hem as well as a tag on the arm.
All of this ideally to be finished with a pizza box style packaging.

That's where I'm at, all in all I need a quality black and white Tee with print and finishing and packaging.
I'm happy to do anything/everything I need to do in order to get the product, ideally it would be better for me to get an all in one service but I am happy to buy tees separately and arrange print and post myself if needed.

Thanks for your time,
Please feel free to ask me anything.
Karl Parker
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