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Help with Printed Pencils and Pads of Notebooks

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We currently print on garments and embroidery and we were offered an opportunity to open a school store within a school. We are in search of cheap printed pencils and notebooks of paper. Not really spiral ones but full sized pads for the kids. I know they exist because when I was in school they sold them. So what I am asking does anyone know where we can purchase these items cheaply. Not sure if this is posted in the right section.
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Do you have pictures of the Notebooks?
The Pads would be like 8" x 10" Note pads with the school name on every page?
Michigan, USA
no just an image on the cover. The ones I have seen are not spiral they are like a composition notebook with 50 to 70 sheets of notebook paper and the cover had a mascot printed on them. And they have to be cheap enough for kids to buy them and still make some money.
So you want someone to print them for you, or you're going to print them?
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