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Help with photoshop and illustrator CS2, removing bounding boxes around images

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I need help with this, when I bring a photo from photoshop in illustartor there is a bounding box around it, I can't put anymore images or type around because the bounding box covers them up:confused::mad:, anyone know what I'm talking about:confused:.............
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if you are opening a photoshop file with illustrator, then you will get a bounding box around it. what you want to do is "place" the image in a new illustrator file. open a new illustrator file, then go to "file>place" then navigate to the image you want and link the image. you should be able to place any text over it in any position you need.

i hope this helps.
Is it that boundary box thing? like that one area is selected? If so, then in photoshop type Ctrl+D to deselect it. Im not sure about in any other programs.
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