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Hi Rob,

Just wanted to say "be careful" when looking for "pre-made" scripts.

- Check out the company throughly.
- Do a search "online" for any "reviews" on the company
(You can usually do that by typing in the company name and putting reviews behind the name)
- Ask other's have they dealt with the company
- Try out the software DEMOs "ENTIRELY" in both "NETSCAPE", "INTERNET EXPLORER" and any other browser you think they customer might use. Granted a lot of people now use "Internet Explorer" but there are people that use other browsers (msn, aol, etc.)
- Try out the admin area "entirely".
- Create a t-shirt using their demo script and then sign in and see if it creates the file (you print from) if that is one of the mentioned features

As everyone says the large companies that are selling online like spreadshirt.com, customink.com had the script written directly for them.

So if you do find something being sold as a ready made script make darn sure you know who you are dealing with, if the script works 'well' (doesn't have a lot of quirks in it), etc.
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