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Greetings All,

All of you who have weighed in on the fact that most online companies who have had software created, either did it in house, or paid big bucks to others to create it for them.

I would be very leery of buying software from say an Indian company that has software that looks very similiar to DesignAShirt. I promise you that we have sued everyone we have found using this ripped off software, and will continue to do so.

Any questions, email me at DesignAShirt or pick up the phone and call me.

OK? Well, I have been reading and reading... not one of these posts answers the question?? The question was, where can the average person starting out, that hopes to find their niche, get that kind of software? I am not looking to rip ANYONE off. I am looking to be able to compete at all with the big money companies. It is a great concept, however, I am not a software designer nor do I have thousands of dollars to spend on it.
Isn't the point of this forum to help people out? There are BILLIONS of people in the world and many of them own more than one t-shirt! I know just by myself, I have at least 50 t-shirts! I am not looking to rip anyone off, I am just trying to do something for myself that I love and am passionate about... So, again... does anyone know where to look for affordable software to design a shirt online, that won't get us sued by Designashirt??
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