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Help with inks for epson 1400- Transfering

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Hi, I have copiers that use fuser oil and copiers that do not. I also have a eco-solvent roland printer and dtg machine.

I bought a wad of mouse pads and coasters for self promos and sales to customers who want short run mouse pad orders.

I was buying transfer paper from a company for my copiers and it is a little pricey compared to dye sublimation papers.So i started thinking I should get into dye sublimation.

I am pretty confused now about the pigment and uv pigment, inkjet, armur, chromablast etc. and dye sublimation inks available and which is the best to use.

I was thinking about getting the epson 1400 printer new and using dye sublimation inks in that printer for my poly mouse pads(with ciss or refillable cartridges) and I was going to get a multi function heat press from ebay that does mugs and hats and other items.

I have inkjet printers at work and can use them if I need ink jet printing and can also use the toner transfer papers from my copiers or my eco solvent transfer material but dye sub I heard was the best for poly and mouse pads.

Am i wasting my money getting a 1400 and converting it to dye sublimation? Should I just spend more on toner and inkjet transfers and use my copier and existing ink jet for caps and mouse pads?

So if just use ink jet or toner based transfer papers for mouse pads then I can't do mugs and water bottles which is not a big part of my business now but could be someday. I am just really confused by all the types of ink available and transfer papers available.

What is the best ink and system to use to do mouse pads, coasters and cap transfers? If inkjet is fine I can use the ink jet I have now and I also have a cannon 6 color wide format and my cannon uses a water based uv pigment ink so if that product is good then again I do not even need to get the 1400.

I am wanting to make TOP NOTCH QUALITY mouse pads and coasters as they are a self promo for my company and I want to give out the most stunning print quality available.

Can anyone please help me and tell me what you have found to be the best method or product to use for doing 100% poly mouse pads and coasters?

I also thought if I had to do any 100% poly garments then the dye sub would be handy for that as well and of course I can break into the mugs and water bottle market and the like with dye sub but I am wondering if I even need to go that route given the equipment I already have.

thanks in advance for any advice you can offer, your help is greatly appreciated
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