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Help with Greatcut

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I could use a little help with GreatCut software for my GCC Expert 24. Anytime I copy an image from Adobe Illustrator and paste it into GreatCut, it only shows part of the outline, if any. It will show the image when I go to preview, and it will cut fine. However, it makes it really hard to line up duplicate images. I used to use Corel Draw and that seemed to work fine. owever, I have found myself designing more with Adobe Illustrator and seem to run into this "issue." Also, I received a "dongle not found" error when trying to do "nesting." I figured nesting would be an easy way to group the images that you have set to cut. But it seems to have an error. Any one able to point me in the right direction for these things, it would be greatly appreciated.
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If anyone has any thoughts regarding this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I don't remember if this would make a difference. Set your stroke to a thicker line. Select the design you want to cut in illustrator and click and hold. Then drag it to Great Cut. Once your on Great Cut let go the mouse.
Normal. Just select all and change color and you'll see it all.

In regards to nesting, change groups to different colors and when you ready to cut, choose color via dropdown and only those
items will be cut in lieu of "all". Not in front of my cutting workstation so I may be giving you ruff reference. But when you cut
you'll see the screen that lets you choose material and what not.
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