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Help with Fibers

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No matter what I do I can't get rid of the fibers coming through the white ink and always get that rough look. I flood the screen then do a light push and then a hard one to clear the screen and flash and print. I have good off contact and the screen releases, but those fibers just keep coming back up. The ink is creamy when printing starts and I always warm of my pallets.
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You're already doing what most of us would recommend you do in your situation.
What is the mesh count of your screen?
What type of garments are you printing on?
Fibrillation is tricky to fix on some things like heavy fleece or some heathered blends.
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Printing on Anvil Ring Spun Black T shirts. Printing on a 160 Mesh.
Can you put the art on a lower meshcount like a 110 or 138?
If you have a heat press, you can press the cured prints to smooth them out.
Same result on a smaller mesh count. It's over 400 pcs, so that's a lot of heat pressing...lol
Go heavy handed on the first pull, making sure it's clearing every bit of ink.
I myself am not a fan of the "push stroke" as the basic physics of it don't allow a nice thick ink deposit that you need in your situation. Push strokes are great for detailed halftones and water-based printing however...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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