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Help with Equipment and processes

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I am after a bit of varied advice to be honest

I currently make clothing and lanyards and a few gifts using HTV and a press
It was more of a sideline but I am being made redundant and am planning on going full time
I have been accepted for a grant that will allow me to get some new equipment, i can spend up to 15K claiming a 3rd of it back so it seems like a good time to invest

But i am struggling with what to invest in

I have been looking at the following options but have issues or queries regarding them and would welcome some advice on each one if possible

Screen printing: I really like this idea and the results, but space is limited and the starter kits for it do look bulky, I do not know enough about it to buy what i need individually and would welcome advice on this
I would like to do multiple colours so something that is easy to line up would be perfect
I also think i understand that there are different ways of making the screens and wondered the best process for this?

Embroidery machine: A few of my customers want shirts and hats embroidered, will one machine do both or would i have to get different attachments for it? how easy are the softwares that come with these? and what is a reasonable price as they seem to vary greatly - any other advice would be appreciated too

DTG Printers: these look easy and very clean, but I am advised the results fade over time and they are best on light fabrics, would they be suitable for hoodies or just tees? Also the inks look very costly and its hard to judge how long they will last

Sublimation printers: I really like the idea of printing on to other things like cerabics so this was on my list, but again its like a minefield when looking at them and i just feel totally overwhelmed by it all

Is there anything else you would consider if you were in my position with some money to invest?and if you have been there, would you do anything differently and invest in something else?

Thanks in advance :)
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You're tackling this the wrong way round.

Firstof all you need to see what products are selling well on your preferred platform(s) - (ebay, etsy, website, facebook, local markets, bricks and mortar premises,...). Then find out how much you are going to make in profit from these products after all buying, manufacturing, and shipping costs are taken into account. You may be shocked at how much you need to produce just to earn a respectable week's wage. Competition is fierce in all of these areas.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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