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Help with EPC vinyl

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I am in need of advice. Only one place I know that can provide that advice and that is here.

I am still learning the ropes and making mistakes. I am trying to press EPC vinyl and run into something that I just can't figure out. After pressing and cooling - I go to peel that paper and it sticks to the vinyl. I have to really work the paper to get it to release from the paper.

I am pressing 25 seconds at 325 degrees. (Not one hundred percent sure that my temp is dead on but I don't have any problems with JPSS, 3G, or other stuff I have tried.)

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

other notes:
Trying to press on tshirts and canvas totes. about the same on both items.

Thanks for any help out there.

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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