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Help with emulsion exposure time.

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Hey all,

So I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Sericrom? I'm still learning silk screening and I am having a few problems with exposure time. I have a 500w Halogen lamp which I use for exposure and I recently tried for 13 minutes at 18" above the screen and when I tried washing it out it wouldn't budge much which I am assuming is over exposure. So if anyone has anyone has any experience with the exposure times any advice would be much appreciated.
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You are correct. If you can washout it is over exposure. If a image blows out then under exposure. If you reduce the time and the image blows out you might look into the films not being opaque enough. Tape a coin to the screen. If it washes out but not you image then film issues.

Wet the screen and keep wet for 30-90 secs then washout.
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