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Hello all,

My sister and her husband came to me and asked if I wanted to sole sponsor their softball team for a local league. They just wanted me to get them some shirts and screenprint the team name and numbers. So I got them some jersees and came up with a design for the front and back, but I am undecided on how I should print the front design.

Here is a mock up of what the jersees will look like. (See attached)

My debate is on whether or not I should make it two color or three color design.
On the front design there is a silhouette of a guy swinging a bat with a shadow. Now my question is should i make the shadow a solid gray color or make the guy and shadow solid black but in halftone? But I am having a problem with the halftone version, the solid black section of the guy has rough edges like it was a zoomed in jpeg. should i make a screen for the guy and a half tone screen for the shadow.
Obviously the red text will have a screen of its own.

How would you guys/gals do it?


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