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Help with Corel DrawX6

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Can anyone explain why Corel X6 should give me a message saying "out of memory" and then shut down?
Is this an indication that I need more memory on my computer? The current info on my
desktop comp. is: XP-sp3, Pentium R4 CPU 3.4GHz, 1.99GB RAM.
I currently run Corel, my embroidery digitising programme(BES100), andabout 5 other programmes that are used intermittently. Sometimes both corel and embroidery program
are open at the same time.
Is there a way to allocate more memory to corel?
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Yes, I think lack of memory.
This happened to me before I replaced and upgraded my computer.
Yeah, XP SP3 +2GB ram is not going to do it these days. 2GB ram is barely enough to run Win7.

You need to upgrade to Win7 with at least 8GB ram if you're doing intensive graphics... and NB - don't go near Win8. ;)

Ram is cheap these days so don't be afraid to up it to 16GB, you can never have too much memory.
There is also a setting inside corel for how much memory you will use with the application. I had the same problem with it when I first installed it.
Thanks for info.
"Iben" can you remember where in corel you did the change for memory?
I don't remember exactly where right now, but you can also set how many undos it will keep track of. Cutting this back a little might help with some of the resourses Corel is using.
I just went through the "options" button. The only thing I can find is about how many steps you want to remember. The lower that number the less memory used. CDx3 used to have an option for how much memory you want set aside for the application to use. Not sure why they got rid of that. You might want to search through the help option too and see if it tells you where they hid it at.
guys I need some help with CorelDraw. Im stuck. I just started designing shirts but the problem is that when I drop the image on the shirt you see the white background. I want just the image not the background. it looks like a heat transfer shirt.
please if anyone knows what setting to change this, please let me know.
It depends on the image:

If it's a vector image - click on it, ungroup it and delete the background.

If it's a simple bitmap image - trace it, ticking the "delete background" box.

If it's a complex bitmap image - bring it into Photoshop, create a new layer behind it, select & delete the background on the image, save as psd and import back into CorelDraw.

You may be able to do this last one in the bitmap editing programme that comes with CorelDraw, but I don't use it for complex stuff. I prefer Photoshop.
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