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Help with a very simple design!

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Hi all, first post, great forum btw!

So, I'm no designer, totally rubbish with corel and photoshop, but I am selling plenty of hoodies and tees so I am happy :) !

Basically, I need the JLS logo, in vector format.

I've used corels own trace tool, and a few other programmes, and just cannot get a good enough result!

This is what I want...


Who can help me?!

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Those trace tools to put it nicely suck. You have to physical go around the image yourself. If your not 100% sure how to do so, go to youtube and search for Coreldraw vectoring images. You could also watch the one for illustrator, same idea just different places for the buttons. I could create the image in about 10 mins for you but, I'm sure you would rather figure out how to do it yourself instead of paying someone else to do all your designs. Hope this helps
email me [email protected] ...your right I would prefer to learn myself, but I haven't got time to be messing about. I'll await your email/msn.

It really isn’t difficult to vector an image. The vids on youtube are anywhere from 10 to 30 mins long. They explain everything extremely well. I am not set up for doing designing for people. I don’t have paypal or something to that nature set up.
You can do this...try the Fatsans font. Slide the S over and do a simple shape rectangle, pull the end nodes down to create a capsule. Size the capsule on the end of the S, convert everything to curves and weld together. All you have to do now is create the star.


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There is a shape tool in coreldraw, just put how many points you want on the star.
Well, even if you are no good with Corel this is the perfect logo to practice with....
It is simple, only 2 colors and made up of only three objects: a rectangle, a star, and some stylized text.

So simple even a caveman can do it.

If you can ID the font then this is a 1 minute job. If you use the bezier tool it is a 5 minute job.


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Hi all,

Just a few thoughts: firstly the image can be converted in vector magic straight into a vector image. not sure how much vector magic costs anymore, havent checked the website for awhile, but this is a simple enough design that vector magic will handle very well.

Secondly: it best, like everyone says above to learn it yourself as its a nice simple design and messing around with it will produce something similar (or the same). Just practise as this is invaluable for the future.

thirdly: does this infringe on copyright of JLS wording / image? just wondering really as before you start printing its best to know, if not they will ask you for a lot of money and you will have wasted your time....

good luck

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