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HELP!!! where do I buy a printer that can print large transparencies ?

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Im tired of the dumb asses at kinkos I think its time to buy my own printer... Does any one know what kind I need and where to buy it from ? Thanks.
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Not sure what large is, it's relative to what you are doing.

1. 13" printers - Epson 1100, R2000
2. 17" printers - Epson 3880, 4880, 4900
3. 24" printers - Epson 7700, 7890, 7900
4. 44" printers - Epson 9700, 9890, 9900
5. 64" printers - Epson 11880

The purpose for Epson printers over others is if you need halftoning capabilities, the simplest and most effective method for the majority of computer configurations is using a RIP. Film RIPs are mostly configured to work with Epson. There are a few more printers by Epson available, but these are the most common printers used that are not discontinued.
I'd add the 1430 to the #1 list--although it's pretty new and still in somewhat short supply.

If you're buying one, make sure you check out the rebates on Epsons site--bunch of them available from the 1430 all the way up...
1100 is discontinued, 1430 is the new version of the 1400. The new 1100 is the WF-7010 which has bottom feed trays - I have no clue how you would run a banner of 44" through that but it says you can. I hate bottom feed, HPs jam up all the time on envelopes and card stock so I don't like that Epson is making a lot of 'em that way now, top feed is so much better for anything other than copy paper. I did take a closer look at the WF-7010, unlike the 1430 it takes different inks and one black tank instead of 2 like the 1100 did. It also has a wide open area above the entire printhead travel length, so it would actually be easier to install a CIS as long as you don't mind keeping the lid up. I had to cut up the 1100 to keep the tubes from rubbing against things.
I thought the 1100 couldnt print on transparencies?
I thought the 1100 couldnt print on transparencies?
The WF 1100 can print transparencies just fine and does a great job especially when converted to dye inks but work with the pigments well also
is anyone using a 9890? i having issues with it. the opacity and halftones are great but the registration is inconsistent. im assuming the film is stretching,.. any ideas?
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