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Hello everyone!

I'm having this idea for months, selling t-shirts with my design on it!

So while I was using Google, I came across Zazzle, Shirtcity, Spreadshirt and Cafepress..

All of them looked good (I'm not here to discuss the websites) but I have a BIG problem!

I've made a really sick design today and I can't place it on the t-shirts they way I want it to be placed...

Example of how it's limited on the 4 sites mentioned above:

And an example of how I want to place it:

Don't mind the Spongebob, picked it randomly, I'm not using it as a design, LOL!


My question:
Is there a website like those 4 (where you can make an online shirtshop) mentioned above where you have more freedom on how to place your designs? You know what I'm trying to say?

THANKS IN ADVANCE! I hope someone can help me!

And sorry for my bad English, I'm from Belgium, ghehe.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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