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I purchased a heat press over the internet and need some help using it.

It was purchased from abroad and came with some instructions in pigeon english that were impossible to make out. I was wondering if people on here could help.

I cant see any make but it is a swing heat press. The trouble i'm having is setting the temperature. When switched on I can see the temperature increase but then when I go to change the heat I can only get it down to 360 at first and then with a bit of playing around got it to 200 (I think?).

The machine has 3 lights (temp, setting and time). When I have setting and temp lit up I take it this is amending the temperature and when setting and time is on it is amending the time. I also have an option where just setting is lit up (what is this number for as it is different to the temperature).

I want to get the temp to 190 for my transfer paper but cant do it. Any help is appreciated.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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