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Has anyone got any advice? I did a transfer today that did not stick to the shirt, when I peeled some of the black ink stuck to the transfer and the shirt fibres pulled through the print.

My settings are:
100% cotton white t-shirt.
TransJet 11 transfer paper for lights
16x20 hotronix press at 180degC for 8 seconds
Hot peeled
Pre-pressed and repressed
Ink: Durabrite using Epson C90 printer

I have done successful transfers before and never encountered this problem. However the print is a full A4 size of a black grand piano, lots of black in the image.

Has anyone encountered this problem before, and can someone suggest the best Temp and Times, I am thinking I need to press for longer?

Many thanks
Mickey :)

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Have you tried adjusting your temperature/time settings? I've only done a few heat transfers using chromablast inks and transfer paper from sawgrass.

Is it new bad batch of paper? Is it an old bad batch of paper? With my limited experience those would be my initial thoughts, however if other transfers are fine at those same settings but w/much less black ink, maybe lies with the ink itself.
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