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Straight to the point. (right) For the last 3 weeks I have attempted to get in to the SUB Business and have been about to pull my hair out. OK, here is where I am at. I started with a new laser and thought I could get by cheap and be able to at least do license plates and mugs with hard surface paper. NOT, I failed (or the product did). Prints looked great on paper but had inconsistencies with the press. No problem, we can use the printer for transfers and such. Not a total waste. Then I had bought a C88 Epson about a yr ago anticipating getting some COBRA ink, but saw the LEGAL issues going on, so decided to wait. 2 Weeks ago, I caved and bought Chinese ink for Amazon with a CISS (less than $100 for all). Surprisingly, it worked very well w/o an ICC. Black was not quite dark enough but colors were vivid. I decided ok, I have tasted this and I am ready. Next, I bought an WF-30 printer, some Artainium Ink ($345) and some new paper and for the last 24hrs, I have been totally OVERWHELMED . Wasted about a dozen pieces (from 2 MFGs) and still can't get colors even close. I have gone through the SAWGRASS setup for my color profile and played with every imaginable adjustable combination (saturation, contrast, gamma,) and the colors are still not close. I followed step by step the Sawgrass procedure in Corel, but obviously I am missing something. I know I had read in the forum about muted colors turning out great when pressed. But that's not the case. The colors are not close on paper. The colors on the paper are nearly exact on the substrate but Royal blue is almost black, hot pink is almost dark cardinal red. I could certainly use some help from someone who has a similar Epson/Sawgrass/Corel setup! Thanks
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Here is some images for clarification:
Attachment - Sorry having difficulties getting image posted.


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under corel when printing make sure you change the color profile (color tab > correct colors using color profile) make sure you have the right profile, then under preferences (make sure you select the printer before you go into preferences) chose the right paper white>quality,then under more options> color correction select _custom then click advance then select > no color management, hope it helps
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