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Help! Sticky residue on screen after reclaiming, how to remove??

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Hi guys, I have this somewhat new problem after I switched up my emulsion and reclaimer (why, oh, why did I do that? [Shakes head sadly]) . I now get this elasticky webby sticky stuff left on my screen after I reclaim and I CAN'T get it off!

Does anyone know if it's my Sgreen reclaimer that might not be strong enough (Ryonet says it's what they use in the shop and they don't have this trouble), I was using Victory Factory reclaimer before...

if it's that the ink isn't cleaned off enough before reclaiming, I have a newer ink wash, but it worked fine with my previous emulsion and reclaimer...

if it's the emulsion (Dual cure from Ryonet, it works really good) in combination with the ink residue that might be left on the screen...

Does anyone here have experience with this incredibly annoying issue? I spent half the day reclaiming a small handful of screens, I can't keep working this way! Ugh! I've used ink wash, more reclaimer, Dawn, haze remover, baby oil, white vinegar and none of it gets this stuff off. My wit's end, I tells ya'. Photos attached.

Thanks for any help!


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I hate to ask but are you using a pressure washer in the reclaiming process?
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