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Help!!!! Stahl's cad cut vinyl

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I have some really great ideas for shirts and a load of clients wanting the product, however I have come across a small snag. I want to make use of the Stahl's range of cad cut films the problem is that I am in South Africa and currently the range that is stocked by Falcon is as follows
CAD Color Film New - with paper liner
CAD Color Max - with PVC Liner
CAD Color Solvent Flock
CAD Color Solution - Opaque
CAD Color Solution - Metallic
CAD Color Solution - Vintage Puff
CAD Color Solution - Air Tech
CAD Color Solution - Magic Mask
CAD Cut Reflective
CAD Cut - Premium Film
CAD Cut - Premium Film Fluorescent
CAD Cut - Flexi Film
CAD Cut - Flexi Film Fluorescent
CAD Cut - Flock
CAD Cut - Poly-Twill
I am interested in the following
CAD CUT - H20* (Not sure you stock this but the United states has created a lot of hype and videos about this product.)
CAD CUT – Airflow
CAD CUT - Carbon Fibre
CAD CUT – Fashion Film
CAD CUT – Fashion Film Electric
CAD CUT – Glitter
CAD CUT – Glitter Flake
CAD CUT – Glow
CAD CUT – Hologram
CAD CUT – MultiFlock
CAD CUT – Neon
CAD CUT – Pebble Puff
CAD CUT – Gorilla Grip II
CAD CUT – Gloss
CAD CUT – Fashion Reflect
CAD CUT – Thermo Grip
CAD CUT – Thermo Flock

I have been in contact via email with the international division, however every time I try to get a response from Ariel or anyone else I get ignored.

So does anyone know how we can get this to South Africa or if there are alternative products

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Hi Craig - I'm sorry to hear that Ariel didn’t get back with you right away. I forwarded your post to both Ariel and the Marketing Manager for Stahls' International. Ariel is currently out of the country, but I know he is checking emails and I have asked him to follow up with you immediately. If you don't receive a response from him (or someone else in the International Dept.) within 24 hours, please let me know. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.
I need help! Using white Cad-Cut Flexi Film as described - reverse cut, heat the polyester/cotton overall for 10 sec, apply the Flexi Film at 150C for 15 sec, wait till it is cold before I peel the backing and pieces of letters did not stick to the garment. Looks like it left some sticky stuff on the garment but the white letter comes off. What do I need to do please?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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