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Help selecting a heavy duty shirt.

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Hello everybody. Hope your day is going well. On to the question. I've been printing shirts for a cleaning company and the first time I printed on 6.1 gildan. The lady complained that they were too thin. Ok, I got her hanes beefy shirts. She's complaining again. She wants something beefier I suppose. Do you guys or gals think Anvil 6.1 is a good choice? Thanks in advance.
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Hmm, if she thinks the Hanes Beefy tees (5180) and the Gildan 6.1 are too thin, I'm not sure what she's looking for.

The Hanes Beefy Tee is a pretty thick t-shirt.

You may want to ask her to bring you a t-shirt that she likes that has the thickness she prefers so you can try to match it without playing a guessing game with her :)

I think the Anvil 6.1 will be similar to the Gildan 6.1.

For thicker t-shirts that that, you'd probably need to look at urban t-shirts like ProClubInc.com, CityLabUsa.com and Luxe-T.com
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Try AAA shirts. they have a 6.7oz shirt that is pretty good.
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Good idea Rodney. I'll ask her to do that. Damn, I thought the anvil was thicker. I guess not.

There's an asian store in the town I live in that sells AAA but they don't have the ash color. And they ARE thicker shirts. Oh man. Almost had it.

Thank you guys.
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