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HELP! New member here, and recently purchased a used Roland Versacamm VS 540.

Luckily with the help of a local tech, we've been able to bring it back to life. Had been sitting around about a year. Print head in good shape. Initially had a busted cyan line that made a mess. Got that cleaned up, installed 3 new dampers. Currently had it running, looked good, and this morning it began printing black streak that looks like barcodes on the print. We've done nozzle checks, new dampers, multiple cleaning cycles, manual clean, head soak. I even cleaned the encoder sensor. TBH I don't know much, this is my first printer. I've reached out to 3 other friends in shops and they don't recognize the problem. I'm wondering if someone can spot the problem with the pictures attached and suggest something. In another forum it was recommended I re-seat the ribbon cables. I spent most the day cleaning and re-seating most the ribbon cables I could. Problem also being, there are old dried up ink spills in the main board and servo board. It was running perfect, hopefully it's something else. After also running 6 "heavy cleaning cycles" problem seemed to get worse. I have reached out to my local Roland tech. In the meantime while I await a response, maybe someone has seen this before.


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