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So I have been printing for the past month with no problems. On Friday this past week I did about 5 to 10 shirts and all good. Well today I had to do a one off and did the following steps:

1. I shook cartridges in case of ink settling
2. I turned on white ink circulation for both whites for about 10 to 15 minutes to get the white ink going.
3. I did a nozzle check and it did not come back great for cmyk or the white so both definitely needed a head clean.
4. I did a head clean and then a nozzle check. CMYK came out fine but white ink did not come out at all this time. Not a single drop unlike that of the first nozzle check. I have done 2 more head cleanings and there is absolutely no white printing but CMYK shows to be fine. I also notice the carriage sounds louder as normal as it comes off the maintenance station area as well but that could be in my head.

So has anyone had an issue like this before where it printed semi okay for the nozzle check and then after a head clean nothing at all? How could it have clogged all of the white lines in a single head clean ?

I am freaking out and some help would be great as anajet is closed on the weekends!
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