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Help removing just a tiny bit of emulsion

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Problem: I have an almost perfect screen but there is a tiny sliver that didnt come out, is there a way to remove just that little spec without having to re-burn a new screen?
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You can try dabbing it
With some
Reclaimer on a rag, depending
On where it
Is in the design though it may damage more of the stencil.
you can likely still wash it out-just try the pressure washer again
If it is a coarse mesh up to about 160 you can pop it with a pin. Scrape/ pop/ poke the squeegy side then the print side; back and forth. I use 3x glasses and a light table. Hard to do cuz you need the hands of a surgeon and if you go too far you will ruin the screen. I do it occasionally if I have to. The emulsion eater is a good way to go. I use Q-tips, cut stick of q-tips and needles with a damp fine rag. All depends on proximity to must have line in the art. Pin if the offender is on or 1/8" from a line. OR if it is a short run just carefully pin in the ink after the fact and cure again. If you don't have the hand or experience... shoot new screen.
If it is just a spot from new emulsion not washing out you can try screen opener with a Q-tip (or water VERY carefully not to scrub too much). If it is a spot of old emulsion that wasn't washed out when the screen was reclaimed the last time, you can shoot it out with your spot gun if it is not too close to the edge of the image. This takes extreme precision not to mess up the image area.
See the problem is that it was two 8.5 x 11 transparencies that were not perfectly aligned. I feel if i pressure wash it it might ruin the stencil since its right in the middle. i think im pretty screwed, thanks for all the advice.
you can try a spiff gun but dry it fast, it will dry in the screen and block the image
if it's as small as you say, there's a good chance it will just close up when you print. might as well try it before you re-burn.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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